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An army of men bearing the name Josh entered into battle to decide the rightful owner of the name.

Reminiscent of scenes from Star Wars,dozens of Joshes swapped lightsabers for pool noodles and ‘fought to the death’ to determine the ‘one true Josh’.

Spidermen, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca appeared to feature in the mass Josh brawl where one five-year-old came out victorious, despite not even sharing the namesake.

Yousef Nasser was met with hundreds of cheers from the crowd when he won the siege at a field in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

One man chanted “he’s five everyone” before the youngster was enthroned with a Burger King paper crown and a belt and lifted into the air by the crowd.

When asked for his thoughts on his big win in a video shared on Twitter, he said “I fight everyone” and smiled.

Fans took to Twitter to celebrate Yousef’s coronation with even Burger King commenting on the young warrior’s victory, hailing him “a true king.”

One person said: “People are awesome. All these grown ass adults showed up to just screw around and they noticed there was a kid there so they decided to give a kid the best day of his little life.”

While another replied: “Oh no, he beat the sh*t out of them.”

The bizarre concept began as a joke to ease the boredom of the pandemic among people with the name Josh Swain on Facebook.

But the idea soon snowballed and turned into a real event with its own website counting down the seconds until the battle commenced.

Last year, Josh Swain from Arizona set up a Facebook chat and gathered as many other Josh Swains as possible.

He told them: “You’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today.

“Precisely, 4/24/2021, 12:00pm, meet at these coordinates (40.82232286 -96.7982002) we fight.

“Whoever wins gets to keep the name, everyone else has to change their name. You have a year to prepare, good luck.”

After setting up the humorous chat, Josh forgot about it until a screenshot of their conversation resurfaced on social media.

Realising his plan would actually have to go ahead, he changed the coordinates of the event after choosing the original ones at random only to discover it was in the middle of a private farm.

The battle was opened up to anyone with the name Josh, not just Josh Swain, and kicked off at Air Park Green on April 24.

Its successful launch is now encouraging others to battle it out for their own namesake.

One Facebook user named Matthew Fox has already proposed a ‘Battle of the Matts’ in 2022.

He said: “I was thinking MATT BATTLE on 6/9/21 (or 6/9/22 due to COVID). Meet up with nerf guns or larping gear at Alton Baker Park in Eugene Oregon.

“Winner is crowned Lord of the Matt’s and takes home a (trophee).There seems to be interest, I may actually organize this for any variation of ‘Matt’.”

Using his new found viral fame for good, Josh Swain encouraged visitors and entrants at the mass ‘Josh Fight’ to bring food and drink donations for the local food bank.

The event organiser also launched a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Centre Foundation which he ironically called the ‘Help Pay Legal Fees for Josh Swains to Change Their Name’ fund.