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Mark Williams defends controversial break-off after first-round win

Mark Williams blasted a bid to ban his controversial break-off technique after cruising into the second round of the World Snooker Championship with a 10-4 victory over qualifier Sam Craigie.

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A PLOS Medicine Collection on Plasmodium vivax—a neglected cause of malaria

Strenuous efforts to prevent and treat malaria in recent decades have brought great benefits, particularly against disease caused by Plasmodium falciparum in countries in Africa and the Americas. But malaria

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February’s cold weather shut more U.S. refinery capacity than Hurricane Harvey

A severe cold spell in mid-February knocked out a third of U.S. oil refining capacity, according to data compiled by Reuters and Wood Mackenzie. A sharp drop in temperatures that

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OnePlus’ gaming triggers for Android and iOS phones are now available in India

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau tweeted pictures of some attachable gaming triggers the company has created, and they’re made for more than just OnePlus’ phones. SlashGear and Android Headlines noticed them

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Dozens of men called Josh battle in field ‘to determine The One True Josh’

An army of men bearing the name Josh entered into battle to decide the rightful owner of the name. Reminiscent of scenes from Star Wars,dozens of Joshes swapped lightsabers for

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