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A couple was left open-mouthed after a DIY project revealed a hidden bathroom in their house.

In a video shared online, mum Mia shared how they discovered the secret space after knocking down a wall in their newly-bought property.

The incredible discovery has gone viral in a video that has been viewed more than 1.6 million times since being uploaded on TikTok.

Mia and her partner recently bought their first home in Oaklahoma and have chronicled their efforts to renovate it online.

They decided to knock down a drain that had been boarded up but ended up finding a lot more than they first expected.

The couple discovered a fully-tiled walk-in shower, which still had the soap dish attached to the wall and the plumbing uncovered.

Mia captioned the viral video, “Renovation finds… why,” with a disgruntled emoji to indicate the couple’s stress levels.

The couple and explained that they had no idea that there was a shower behind the partition before knocking it down.

In a follow-up video, the duo explained: “We were in search of our first home, we had a budget of under $150,000 if possible, which is really hard in this market.

“And we knew there was some work that was going to have to be done, naturally.

“The seller told us that it was closed off because it was a leaking drain pan and that it was a small fix, wasn’t going to cost much to fix but they just didn’t have the time or energy to do it, so they covered it up.

“And so we were like, yeah no problem that’s fine, we get it, you’re older, it’s whatever. So we thought just okay you boarded it up that way, you know, you didn’t want to use it I guess.

“So we took the wall down and obviously found what you just saw. And we were not expecting that at all, we were expecting just a leaking drain pan.”

In a glass-half-full situation, this means they have a bigger bathroom than initially expected, viewers pointed out.

One said: “But your half bath is now a full bath. Why are we upset about that? Makes the house worth more.”

Agreeing, another pointed out: “Just added value to the home once you fix it up!”